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Seven Things You Did Not Know About Dental Implants

Seven Things You Did Not Know About Dental Implants

Jan 01, 2020

Losing a tooth is dreadful for most people. To get rid of that bad experience, cosmetic dentistry introduced dental implants. The spaces that are created due to loss of teeth are filled with a false tooth. This false tooth-shaped structure is known as an implant that is adjusted in the jawbone. The false tooth is made up of porcelain or composite material. The shape and color are matched with other teeth of the denture so that the artificial does not look different.

Tooth loss is embarrassing and painful but the fate of several people. Implants are here to help. The teeth implants clinic near you will tell you all the details that you must know before the procedure. Here are a few things that you may not know about dental implants.

Success Rate of Dental Implants

Among all the dental procedures, implants are the most successful. According to research, the success rate of dental implants is 95 or 98 percent. This is the maximum success rate recorded in dental procedures. The variation in the success rate arrives due to different oral health conditions.

Bone Loss Prevention

Jawbone health is really important. Not all procedures are meant to help you prevent bone loss. Dental implants have been found to prevent bone loss. After tooth loss, the jaw loses its connection with the impulses. Implants restore the network and jawbone starts receiving the impulses again. Your jawbone is protected from any other disease or deteriorating.

Preserve the Other Teeth

Implants not only fill the space but also protect remaining teeth from decay or infection. Other options like bridges and crowns require neighboring teeth for support. Regular checkups make the natural teeth weak and susceptible to damage. Implants protect your teeth from such problems. Your teeth are well-protected.

These are just some extra benefits of dental implants that you must know. People have several misconceptions about this procedure. These myths have made people think of this procedure as a big problem. People often avoid the implant procedure due to the pain they have to face and the below-stated myths.

Myth 01: “Dental Implants Hurt the Most”

The most common myth is related to the pain involved during the procedure. The fact is the pain is bearable. You are injected with local anesthesia and you do not have to bear any pain during the procedure. The pain after the treatment is also bearable. Once the procedure is complete, you feel a little pain but that too goes away within 72 hours. As for the swelling, it also wears off in a day or two maximum.

Myth 02: “The Success Rate Is Not Appropriate”

As mentioned in the benefits, the success rate is 95 to 98 percent. This is a myth that the success rate is low. Calgary dental implants are among the most successful procedures found in dentistry. Most of the dentists discuss the procedure in detail so that the process becomes easier for the patient.

Myth 03: “Implants Need a Lot of Time to Recover”

Another myth that stops people from getting a dental implant surgery is it takes a lot of recovery time. The fact is the recovery time is the same as dental crowns or bridges. There is no difference. It takes two days for the swelling and pain to wear off and the patient can work normally. Do not miss out on the treatment because of this myth. It does not take several days. Just two days and you are good to go.

Myth 04: “Dental Implants Look Fake”

The most prevailing myth about the dental implant is their appearance. Some people think that an implant would look artificial. Know that an implant does not look fake. The dentist will use material which does not look odd with other teeth. The composite material or porcelain looks like natural teeth. Moreover, the dentist will also shape the teeth so that the shape matches the natural teeth. The implant does not look fake.

A dental implant treatment is not painful or time-consuming. All of these are just myths. Dentists at our facility can provide you the perfect dental implant treatment and prove all the myths wrong. If you have a lost tooth, visit us now.