Invisalign® Braces

Invisalign®: A Proven Secret to a Perfect Family Smile

Are you looking for a pain-free, virtually unnoticeable way to improve your smile or the smile of a family member? If so, Richmond Dental has a proven solution to almost any smile correction in Calgary. It’s the virtually invisible dental aligner known as Invisalign®. This cutting-edge technology even has a version available for younger smiles known as Invisalign® Teen. Keep reading to learn more about how one – or both – of these options may be what you and your family have been looking for from a family dentist in Calgary.

Understanding Invisalign® is a Simple Process

Invisalign® aligners are worn for a period of 20-22 hours per day and gently shift any teeth that need to be corrected into place. Although some patients find the process a little uncomfortable at first, Invisalign® aligners are still considered to be far more comfortable than traditional metal braces. But along with the increased comfort of Invisalign® aligners over other options, they have another huge advantage in that they can be taken out for special occasions. Important date coming up? You can remove your aligners! Important job interview coming up? You can remove your aligners! That’s how Invisalign® aligners remain a secret to only you and your dentist in Calgary!

Treatment Time for Invisalign®

In the case of both Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen, treatment time is based on the amount of smile correction that’s needed. However, even with the average treatment time of 12 to 18 months, both Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen perform faster than traditional braces in Calgary. It’s for that reason that Richmond Dental has helped countless patients achieve the smile of their dreams with the effectiveness of Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen.

Invisalign® Teen Manages the Treatment Time

Because it can sometimes be difficult for teenagers to want to wear their aligners for the recommended period – which results in budget concerns for their parents – Invisalign® Teen features built-in indicators in the aligners that will let you, your teen, and your dentist know whether they are being worn for the correct number of hours each day.

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