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Every parent knows it’s hard to keep children still for too long. Kids today love to run around the house, jump on furniture, and bang on everything. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm often has the negative side effect of your child injuring themself. When this injury takes the form of a chipped tooth, we as parents often end up panicking more than the child. If you find yourself in this situation, here are some things you can do to help your child:

Stay Calm

The first thing you should do is stay calm. Chipping a tooth is a very common thing and can usually be fixed by your dentist. See if your child is in any pain, making sure to call your dentist and schedule an appointment. In general, the sooner you deal with the problem, the better. If your child is young, he may not even realize what has happened; you will want to avoid making him feel awkward or self-conscious about the tooth, especially if it is particularly noticeable.

Do Your Research

A good way to ease your child’s concerns is to understand the options. While you and your dentist will ultimately decide on the best treatment option, it’s good to know what is available. The best treatment will depend on how badly the tooth was chipped.

For minor chips, the dentist will typically just file the tooth down until smooth. For bigger chips, the dentist may opt for a filling – placing a bonding material in the area where the tooth broke off – or veneers if bonding isn’t possible. You should discuss with your dentist which option seems is the best choice for your child.

Make It a Teachable Moment

While you wait to see the dentist, you can take this opportunity to make this a teachable moment for your child on being responsible. Find or make a special box where you can keep the chipped tooth, and give your child the special responsibility of keeping the tooth safe. Not only can this make the experience more fun for your child, but it can also be a great way to boost his confidence if he is feeling sad about the tooth.

It’s never fun when your child gets injured, but having a good plan in place will go a long way towards making everything easier for everyone involved.