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Dental Problems that Can Be Addressed with Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dental Problems that Can Be Addressed with Full Mouth Reconstruction

Jul 08, 2019

Full mouth reconstruction in Calgary is a comprehensive treatment, which includes two or more restorative procedures. If you have multiple dental issues and you are looking for a restorative treatment, it’s better to consult a dentist so that he can devise a customized treatment plan for your needs. Let’s explore some common dental problems, which can be addressed with full mouth reconstruction.

Decayed or Damaged Teeth

If you have fractured or broken tooth as a result of the dental injury, the restorative procedures can help in addressing your issue. Also, if you have mild to moderate tooth decay, the restorative procedures can correct these issues with the help of restorations such as fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns.

Missing Teeth

Patients who have one or more missing tooth can restore the look and function of their smile with the help of restorative procedures. If you like to go with traditional options, you can get one to three teeth in a row replaced with a dental bridge.

Infected Teeth

If the pulp of the tooth gets infected or irritates, a root canal therapy in AB T3E 7C4 is performed for repairing the problem. Some patients may not feel any pain, but develop a severe discomfort if an abscess is formed. The restorative treatment involves removal of infected tissues inside the tooth and filling the root canals for preventing further issues.

Teeth Grinding

Also, known as bruxism, teeth grinding is a common issue, which can lead to tooth erosion, a sore jaw, and other serious dental problems. By restoring the bite’s balance with various procedures, the amount of force exerted on teeth can be eliminated.

TMJ Disorder

The TMJ disorder can be caused because of various issues, including a misaligned bite or bruxism. Patient can benefit from wearing a custom night guard.

Gum Disease

If you are suffering from gum disease, your overall health can get compromised along with your dental health. The gum disease can cause discomfort, swelling, and bleeding along with tooth loss in the long run. Periodontal therapy can help in addressing the issue.