Our Facilities

Richmond Dental Clinic is located in offices designed with the patient in mind. Patients enjoy the benefits of digital and traditional technologies in an atmosphere of care, concern, and comfort. Every aspect of our practise, from our relaxing greeting area to our efficient and fully-equipped work rooms, is maintained with the goal of combining satisfactory dental experience with superlative results.

Meeting New Health Guidelines

At the Richmond Dental Clinic, we move quickly to accommodate any improvements or changes to government policy or standards within the dental profession. When the Alberta Dental Association and College, in conjunction with Alberta Health, issued new standards for sterilization, in 2011, our clinic completely upgraded its sterilization services to satisfy the new requirements.

Our Reception Area

The Richmond Dental Clinic provides more than just a waiting room to patients. In our reception area, we offer a relaxing introduction to your dental experience. Whether you appreciate the entertainment area, featuring large-screen TV and games, or whether you are simply happy to read or enjoy a fireside cup of coffee or tea before your appointment begins, we know you will find our reception area a welcoming experience.

Our Dental Work Rooms

Our dental work rooms provide an optimum work environment for our friendly and highly skilled staff. Well equipped and carefully designed, the rooms serve to expedite dental procedures in a restful, pleasant, and comfortable way. Every working day, they serve as a setting for efficient dentistry and happy patient outcomes.

Computerized Dentistry

The Richmond Dental Clinic is also pleased to offer patients the advantages of digital x-rays. These newer x-ray systems are both faster and more manipulable, especially in terms of creating and transferring patient records. They offer patients greater access to x-ray images as tools to understanding treatments. Very importantly, also, digital x-rays substantially reduce potentially harmful ionizing radiation for the patient. In the decision to move to digital x-rays, we have, as always, kept the health of our patients as our foremost concern when making the choice among available dental technologies.